Eating with Mindful Intention May Help us Lose Weight!


Want to feel healthier?

Dr.Lorie here to help you learn about becoming a mindful eater. Some like to call it “being present” or “ being aware” or even “ meditation” so that when we are consuming our meal, our bodies can lower stress and loose excess weight!

But first, why am I talking about eating mindfully anyway?

Great question!

Too many of us tend to feel rushed, wanting to multitask as we either rush out the door with meal in hand, eat in the car, or sit at our desk, talking on the phone, emailing or texting as we distractedly eat our meal. We have even come to think that relaxing in front of the T.V eating our meal is supposed to be our down time…..

In our modern world, not many of us take even 20 minutes our of our day to really focus on eating our meal and taking in all of the flavors, textures, smells, colors and overall ambience and environment of our surroundings as we (if we are lucky sitting) eating our meal. I love the saying “ we are actually eating our environment and later digesting it.”

What is the problem with being distracted and eating Mindlessly?

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To your health!
Dr. Lorie