Simplifying Your Life Does Include Meal Planning!

Are you feeling like trying to keep up with your healthy lifestyle feels exhausting?

Dr. Lorie here to give you some ideas on how to take a break sometimes and find alternative healthy options that don’t need to take up every ounce of precious time and energy in your busy life!

meal planning: a flower made out of carrots, peas, and corn on a plate

So how can we simplify and still maintain good health?

We spend a lot of time focusing on the various areas of our lives: relationships, career, money, exercise, health – sometimes it feels like, “Whoa! It’s a lot of responsibility to be a perfectionist!”

Imagine you are exercising, meditating, getting outside, making money AND being in a loving, happy marriage. BUT wait, you have no time to prepare a healthy meal? Pretty soon you could feel burned out because it can be hard to keep up with everything regarding your health and sometimes trying to be healthy can feel stressful! We don’t want that.meal planning - a fancy dish of ham, a boiled egg, and vegetables finely sliced and arranged creatively on a plate

So while there are many options and choices we have to creating our healthy lifestyle paradigm…

How about asking for a little bit of help and finding some more practical ideas to encourage your healthy lifestyle?

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To Your Health!
Dr. Lorie