About Me:

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Personal coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. It is a powerful custom-designed alliance between the two of us, the coach and the client: an ongoing, confidential relationship with focus, intent, commitment, enthusiasm and action from both sides.

The goal of our connection is to forward and enhance the lifelong process of your learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

You are here to be brilliant and unique in your own way and to make an impact on the world.

Making a difference begins Inside of you. Whatever it is you are dealing with, it is my mission to guide you through the process while feeling more confident, happier and fulfilled.

I am a certified Health Coach, certified Personal Trainer with NASM and I hold a Doctoral Degree Ed.D in Counseling Psychology. I practiced clinically and successfully for over 15 years with a wide array of diverse clients, and a Bachelor in Latin American History and a minor in Spanish. I provided family therapy, child play therapy, couples work and adult psychotherapy for many years. I also specialized in trauma work specifically PTSD. I was successful with helping people improve their self-care with limit setting, healthy boundaries with family, friends and work relationships. I wanted to go even deeper with my clients. I began to notice something was missing in their overall healing process and I could not discount the Mind and Body Connection. I decided that lifestyle habits, including what we eat or don’t eat, exercise, fitness, spirituality, creativity and nature also needed to play a focal point in achieving optimal health. This was when I decided that my true calling was to become a Health Coach.

I am 40 years old. I have been passionate about fitness and nutrition since I was a child. Discovering how to eat healthier and improve my own life habits transformed my mind, body and overall health. I used to suffer from hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel, headaches, fatigue and low thyroid. All of these health issues, not only impacted my health but also my mood and overall outlook on life. I felt dominated by anxiety which also impacted my self esteem. All this changed for me when I made a decision to change my life style habits and beliefs. I owe much gratitude to my Naturopathic Doctors and Personal Fitness trainers. I strongly believe we need to feel nourished and healthy to get our bodies primed for fitness.

I am the strongest, and healthiest I have ever been and feel blessed I can enjoy life with optimal health! I believe my mission in life is to help others also achieve their health goals. There is no greater calling for me than to be a Health Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer. I am excited to share with you my knowledge expertise!  I believe we are all our own best inner counselor and coach, sometimes we simply need someone else to help get us started.

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