Breathing and its massive health benefits!

Breathing and its massive health benefits!

How we breath has a profound effect on our life and health. Breathing is critical for our brain, muscles and energy production!

What happens when we breath?

Breathing not only changes how much oxygen is going into our bodies, it controls how much waste is coming out of our bodies as well. Breathing effects cardiac function, immune system function, mood, stress levels, digestion, strength, endurance and a wide variety of other things!

In short – how you breath can influence almost every aspect of your health and wellbeing.  Expert Brenna Barbara Ann discusses in her book some amazing stories of how she helped heal people.

If you suffer these symptoms, breathing exercises can help:

·      Emotional Problems (anxiety and depression)

·      Physical pain

·      Digestion Problems

·      Slow metabolism

·      Irritable bowel

·      Autoimmune disorders

·      Difficulty with weight loss

·      Tension headaches

·      Hypertension

·      Low Thyroid

·      Allergies

·      High blood pressure

·      Insomnia

·      Chronic sinusitis

Now, we know there exists research that shows breathing exercises can help alleviate and or in some cases get rid of these symptoms for good!

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Simplifying Your Life Does Include Meal Planning!

Are you feeling like trying to keep up with your healthy lifestyle feels exhausting?

Dr. Lorie here to give you some ideas on how to take a break sometimes and find alternative healthy options that don’t need to take up every ounce of precious time and energy in your busy life!

meal planning: a flower made out of carrots, peas, and corn on a plate

So how can we simplify and still maintain good health?

We spend a lot of time focusing on the various areas of our lives: relationships, career, money, exercise, health – sometimes it feels like, “Whoa! It’s a lot of responsibility to be a perfectionist!”

Imagine you are exercising, meditating, getting outside, making money AND being in a loving, happy marriage. BUT wait, you have no time to prepare a healthy meal? Pretty soon you could feel burned out because it can be hard to keep up with everything regarding your health and sometimes trying to be healthy can feel stressful! We don’t want that.meal planning - a fancy dish of ham, a boiled egg, and vegetables finely sliced and arranged creatively on a plate

So while there are many options and choices we have to creating our healthy lifestyle paradigm…

How about asking for a little bit of help and finding some more practical ideas to encourage your healthy lifestyle?

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Brain and Mood Health

Brain and Mood Health

Dr. Lorie here to help you learn what impacts our brain and mood! This is all about how we can shift our mindset and life style behaviors to feel at our optimal best.

But first, why am I talking about Brain and Mood Health anyway?

Good question!

In our western approach to healing we tend to think of the body as separate from our brains, let alone mood! Our brain dictates how our bodies feel, just as much as our bodies inform our brain of what feels good and what doesn’t. In other words, they both communicate all the time! This is so important because our moods can also be heavily influenced around this brain and body relationship.

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Happy Digestion = Happy Mind and Body!

Happy Digestion = Happy Mind and Body!

Dr. Lorie here to help you learn what digestion is all about and how it can help you keep your weight down.

But first, why am I talking about eating happy digestion anyway?

Good question!

Having good digestion is so important because our digestive system takes in nutrients and eliminates wastes. Our gut for better or for worse impacts our other organs in our body. This means, that if your digestion is unhappy, your overall health will also suffer.

What can good happy digestion possibly prevent?

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Being Healthy is so Much More Than What We Eat!

Being Healthy is so much more than what we eat!

Several ways to promote self-care!

Dr.Lorie here to share how to nourish our minds which can lead to a healthier body.

But wait, why am I even using the word “nourishment” if I’m not talking about food?

That’s a great question!

I have come to believe that self care means nourishment. Not only in the way of food, but in other ways we can seek and experience pleasure in our lives that leave us feeling good about ourselves.

What does it mean to incorporate more pleasurable activities that have nothing to do with food?

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Getting More Rested Sleep can Speed up our Metabolism!

Several important tips for optimal sleep!

Dr. Lorie here offering you some zzz suggestions that may impact why some folks may have resistance to shedding extra weight.

But first, why am I even talking about sleep when most of us are told we need to move more, not less?

Yes, we need to live our lives; this includes going to work, errands, exercise – you name it. But we also need good sleep to preform optimally! When our bodies are sleep deprived, we suffer from our metabolism slowing down. We don’t burn fat as easily!

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Dark Chocolate Can Help Increase Sex Drive

Dark Chocolate Can Help Increase Sex Drive

This food is nature’s love drug!

Dr. Lorie here to let you know the benefits of eating dark chocolate to your libido and sex drive!

But first, why am I talking about chocolate and sex drive?

Great question! 
Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, which is the seed of the cacao fruit.

Cacao contains two chemicals: tryptophan, which helps with sexual arousal and phenylethylamine, which is released in the brain when you fall in love and is also known as the “love chemical”.

If you buy quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it contains more of these “love chemicals”

And guess what?

Being healthy IS Sexy!

Why? Because you have more energy, and feel better!

Did you know dark chocolate even contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals.

A 100 gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contain:

  • 11 grams of fiber.
  • 67% of the RDA for Iron.
  • 58% of the RDA for Magnesium.
  • 89% of the RDA for Copper.
  • 98% of the RDA for Manganese.

It also has plenty of potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

So what can dark chocolate do to enhance my sex drive?

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