Dr. Lorie really helped me take action in a way that felt right for what I was trying to accomplish. I am a full time mom and felt overwhelmed with responsibilities at home and at work. I really wanted to loose weight and improve my energy. I had gained 15 pounds over the last few years and finally I  said enough! I got to put myself first and Dr.Lorie not only gave me permission but really helped me explore and take action to shed those extra pounds! I felt she really understood me and I felt very safe sharing with her sharing my concerns, doubts and dreams. I think what got me to make the changes was learning how to believe in myself and I don’t think that could have happened had I not felt trust with Dr. Lorie. Thank you!

Maniela A.

Dr. Lorie provides a non-judgmental safe space where she gently encourages you to explore your obstacles, and more importantly, what you WANT in your life. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I actually looked forward to our sessions. I believe Dr.Lorie is a wealth of information and her passion for health comes across in our sessions together. I also liked how she did not leave any rock un-turned.  I was impressed with how much I learned about nutrition, self care and how to increase my energy so my workouts actually improved, as did my overall health. Above all, I think she is a great listener and I feel she really understood my goals and really hand tailored her approach to fit my needs. I am very happy with how much more mindful I am now. I didn’t realize that health covered so many areas! I am humbled and grateful!

Jane R.

Dr. Lorie seemed to come to me at the perfect time and really helped me to focus on a goal. Having our sessions and someone to talk to really helped me learn how to be accountable to myself. She is a wonderful listener and very supportive, I felt very comfortable with her and so positive afterwards.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to more sessions in the future!

Monica C.